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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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1-1/2" KSI SQC38, Fanuc 18iTB, 2006, 4Live/6OD/5+1+2ID/1+3BW, C Main/Sub, loader Ref: 398894

1-1/2  KSI SQC38, Fanuc 18iTB, 2006, 4Live/6OD/5+1+2ID/1+3BW, C Main/Sub, loader


           Specification per OEM Brochure, Buyer should confirm all details
           Equipped With:
              Control Fanuc 18-iTB (7-axis)
              BFG-551 Magazine Barfeed (MTA Tracer)
              Tri-Mist Electrostatic Mist Collector
              Parts Catcher
              Parts Conveyor
              Sub Spindle Ejector
              All Live Spindles Have Rigid Tap
           Main Spindle
           Max Bar Diameter                                 38mm (1.5")
           Max Machining Bar Length (1) Chucking            8.26"
           Main  Drill/Tap                                  12mm/M10
           Cross Drill/Tap                                  10mm/m8
           Main Spindle Positioning C Axis                  .001"
           Main Spindle Speed                               8,000 RPM
           No. Main Spindle Turning Tools (Fixed)           5 Standard
           Tool Shank Size                                  12mm
           Main Spindle Cross Live Tools (Live)             4 Standard
           No. Y Axis Tool Block (Fixed)                    5 Standard
           Headstock Collett                                TF 48
           Guide Bushing Capacity                           1 1/2" (TD38S)
           Sub Spindle
           Sub Spindle Chucking Diameter                    38mm
           Sub Spindle Speed                                8,000 RPM
           Sub Spindle Positioning C Axis                   .001"
           Back-end Face Drill/Tap                          10mm/m8
           Spindle RPM Mill/Drill Main & Sub                8,000 RPM
           Back Working Live Spindle Mill/Drill             4,000 RPM
           No. Face Tools (Sub Spindle) (Fixed)             1 Standard
           No. Face Tools (Sub Spindle) (Live)              2 Standard
           No. Face Tools (Back End) (Live)                 3 Standard
           No. Face Tools (Back End) (Fixed)                1 Standard
           Sub Spindle Collet                               TF 44
           Total No. of Fixed Tools                         12 Standard
           Total No. of Live Tools                          9 Standard
           Total No. of Tools                               21 Standard
           Mechanical Driven Rotary Guide Bushing           Standard
           Main Spindle Horsepower                          7.5 HP
           Sub Spindle Horsepower                           3.5 HP
           Cross Drill/Mill Unit                            1.5 HP
           Back End Face Tools                              1.3HP
           Machine Electronics                              220/3/60
           Machine:  113" x 59" x 77" 9,200 lbs
           Pallet w/chip/coolant pan, tooling, collets & misc:  60" x 51" x 32" 500 lbs

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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