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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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3/4", TSUGAMI, BH20Z, 2010, Fanuc, Gang/Turret, LPA, HPC, Iemca, CLEAN Ref: 398572

3/4 , TSUGAMI, BH20Z, 2010, Fanuc, Gang/Turret, LPA, HPC, Iemca, CLEAN

          Click the link below to view a video demonstration of this machine

          All specifications must be confirmed by buyer:
          Equipped With:
              Iemca Smart 320 12' Magazine Bar Feed, new 2008 
                w/ 8, 12 and 20mm channels
              Long Part Attachment
              Chip Conveyor
              Mist Collector
              High pressure Coolant
              Approximate Turret Tooling
                 2 ER16 Face Milling
                 1 ER11 Face Mill
                 1 Double ER11 Face Mill
                 2 ER16 Cross Mills
                 1 ER11 Cross Mill
                 3 1" Double Drill/ Bore Stations
                 1 1" Drill/Bore Station
                 2 1/2" Turning Stations
                 2 Double-Sided 1/2" Turning Stations
          Approx 21,000 Run Hours
          Was $300K new
          General Specifications per Manufaturer's Brochure
          Control:                               Fanuc 31i-B
          Axes:                                  X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, X3, Y3, Z3, C1, C2
          Working barstock diameter              3-20mm
          Max. machining length                  80mm (carrier type GB)
                                                 170mm (Direct Drive GB- op)
                                                 45mm (GB-less type (op)
          Main Spindle 
              Max Drilling Diameter              10mm
              Max Tapping Size                   M8
          Back Spindle
              Max Barstock Di:                   20mm
              Max Drill Diam:                    10mm
              Max Tap Diam:                      M8
          Front Tool Post
              Max Cross Drilling Dia:            8mm
              Max Cross Tap Diam:                M6
              Max Rotary Tool Drill Dia:         10mm
              Max Rotary Tool Tap Dia:           M8
          Main Spindle Speed:                    200-10000 rpm
              Back Spindle Speed:                200 - 12000 rpm
              Cross Drill Speed - tool post:     200 - 8000 rpm
              Rotary tool Speed - Turret:        200 - 8000 rpm
          Main Spindle Indexing:                 C Axis
          Back Spindel Indexing:                 C Axis (op)
              Turret:                            12 Stations
              Front Post Turning:                4
              Front Post Cross Drill:            3
              Back Tool Post:                    4
          Tool Size:                             12x12x125mm (turret & tool post)
          Rapid Traverse rate:
              X1, Y3                             12 m/min
              Z3                                 18 m/min
              x3                                 20 m/min
              y1, z1, x2, z2                     24 m/min
          Controlled Axes:                       8
              Main Spindle                       2.2/3.7 kW
              Back Spindle:                      2.2/3.7 kW
              Coolant Pump:                      0.39/.62 kW (50/60Hz)
              Rotary Tools - tool post:          1.0 kW
              Rotary Tool - Turret:              1.4 kW
              Lubrication Oil Pump:              3 W
          Net Weight:                            4500 kg
          Power Source Requirement:              30 kVA
          Compressed Air requirement:            0.5 mPa or more
          Air Discharge Rate:                    100 NL/min
          Dimensions:                            2480 x 1585 x 1733 mm
          Machine:  115" x 66" x 73" 9,920 lbs
          Chip/Coolant Pan:  60" x 52" x 12" 350 lbs
          Chip Conveyor:  94" x 21" x 72.5" 1,500 lbs
          Barfeed:  189" x 24.5" x 47" 837 lbs
          Pallet w/tri-mist, misc:  48" x 42.5" x 47.5" 550 lbs
          HPC:  48.5" x 30.5" x 46.5" 750 lbs

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
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