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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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0B6006 BORING MILLS, VERT. (Including Vert. Turret Lathes)
57" FUMA SC1600 VBM, 57" 4 Jaw Chuck, Turret & Side Head, 200 RPM, PLC & Pendant Ref: 7899

57  FUMA SC1600 VBM, 57  4 Jaw Chuck, Turret & Side Head, 200 RPM, PLC & Pendant

Serial Number: 139
Machine Installed: 1971
Model: SC1600


Table Diameter: 57"/1450mm
Maximum Diameter of Work Piece w/Vertical Toolhead
(side head lowered): 61"/1550mm
Max. Machining Diameter of Side-head: 61"/1550mm
Max. Height of Work Piece: 47"/1200mm
Max. Weight of Work Piece: 17,637 lbs./8000 kg.
R.H. Maximum of Vertical Tool-Head to Centre: 31 1/2"/800mm
R.H. Vertical Tool-Head Maximum Traverse: 30"/760mm
Vertical Tool-Head Maximum Angular Setting: 35 Degrees
Turret Headbores Diameters: 3"/80mm
Side-Head Slide Maximum Vertical Traverse: 47"/1200mm
Side-Head Slide Maximum Horizontal Traverse: 27 1/2"/700mm
Cross-Slide Maximum Traverse: 39"/1000mm
Table Speeds: 16 from 4 to 200 RPM
Feeds: 16 from .002 to .197 IPR/0.05 to 5mm/rev.

Rapid Power Traverse of Tool-Slides: 98 IPM/2500mm/min.
Cross-Slide Traverse Speed: 16 IPM/400mm/min.
Main Driving Motor Power: 60 HP/45 KW
Rapid Power Traverse: 4 HP/3 KW
Cross Slide Elevating Motor: 5 1/2 HP/4 KW
Overall Dimensions: 138"/3500mm Length
150"/3800mm Width
161"/4100mm Height
Machine Weight: 46,400 lbs./21450 kg.

Equipped With:
57" 4 Jaw Chuck
One Side Head
One Turret Head

*Specifications are subject to verification upon inspection.
** See attached Warranty, Terms, Machine Use and Safety.
*** Sold as Inspected.

Scott Machinery & Supply Inc
PO Box 430 Helena AL 35080-0430
Tel: 205-664-9644 Fax: 205-664-9796
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Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
Used Equipment
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Used Equipment
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