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Used Equipment Directory

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2", BAILEIGH RDB-150-AS,W/ AUTO STOP **NEW** Ref: 6878


Model: RDB-150-A/S (w/ Autostop)
USA Made Indicator: yes
Minimum CLR: .5"
Minimum OD: .25"
Mild Steel Solid Rod: 1.25"
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 40: 2"
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall: 2.5" (.125)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall): 2" (.125)
Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40: 1.5"
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall: 2.375" (.125)
Chromolly Round Tube Wall: 2" (.125)
Aluminum Round Tube Wall: 2.5" (.156)
Maximum Center Line Radius Clr: *7 - 8"
Power: 110V
Shipping Weight: 640 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60" x 44" x 68"

* specifications subject to change without notice.


The RDB-150-AS pipe bender is quite frankly the best buy
in hydraulic pipe benders today. The machine is based from
the popular RDB-150 which broke new ground in 2002 when it
became the first hydraulis tube bender to consistently and
accurately bend tube and pope to 180 degrees in one shot.
The RDB-150-AS takes the hydraulic pipe bender to the next
level by adding an accurate auto stop feature that allows
the operator to set a desired bend degree and the machine
will stop at that degree every time without worry. This
will allow fabrication shops to save time and money by being
as efficient as they can be.

The RDB-150-AS uses a low pressure hydraulic system that
operates on 110 volts, but many other configurations of
electrical requirements are available upon request.
This hydraulic system allows the RDB-150-AS to bend 2"
Shedule 40 pipe and up to 2-1/2" tubing with a wall
thickness of .120" mild steel. The RDB-150-AS accepts all
Baileigh Industrial "drop on" tooling, giving you thousands
of choices for your application. This style of tooling is
preferred because the finished product possibilities are far
greater than with conventional "sandwiched" bending die

Other features of the RDB-150-AS are an easy to read degree
indicator and quick release counter die system, which allows
the pipe bender to be loaded and unloaded quickly.
Like the RDB-150 the base of the RDB-AS-AS tube bender also
includes wheels, this helps with shops that are especially
small and allows the bender to be pushed out of the way when
not in use.

Scott Machinery Inc
4700 Lang Ave, Suite D McClellan CA 95652-6215
Tel: 916-638-7718 Fax: 916-638-2450
Email (Request Quote):

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