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200000 PPH, RILEY,VR TYPE, 825 PSI/900*F, WOOD WASTE - 1 Ref: 39143


Riley Type VR

Maximum Continuous Rating of 200,000 lbs/hr

825 psi


Wood fired on a Water-Cooled Grate Stoker.

Annual usage limited to 41,390 gal. of #2 diesel.

Opperated and maintained according to manufacturer's specifications.

It is shutdown semi-annually and internally inspected on both the
combustion process and the steam production sides.

Cleaning, repairs and adjustments are made during these scheduled outages.

The combustion process is controlled and monitored continuously from a central

control room.


The Dust Collector is a Joy Technologies multi-cone type unit.
The system consists of a multi-cone section, two sand screens,

a char re-injection manifold, hopper, air lock rotary valves, and a

conveyor/storage arrangement. A water injection/mixing area is used prior

to the ash storage bunker to control fugitive dust. The char re-injection

back to the firebox helps to minimize the amount of ash produced.

Ash type and volume produced is monitored to ensure complete combustion

of the fuel.
The Dust Collector is included in the semi-annual maintenance program with

the boiler.


ENELCO Corporation was the original manufacturer of the unit. The

precipitator contains three mechanical and electrical fields arranged in the

direction of gas flow. Each one of the three fields is independently powered

by a separate transformer and controller. The total active collecting surface

of the unit is 51,637 sq.ft.
Operating temperatures are kept above the ambient dew point to avoid

condensation. The fields are monitored for voltage fluctuations and sparks per

minute on a daily basis to ensure there is no buildup of material. Electro-
mechanical rappers controlled by a timed system are used to keep the plates

clean while in operation. An opacity monitor is continuously monitored at the

control room and visual stack observations are done periodically during the

shifts. The type/volume of material produced in the solids collection system

for the unit is monitored.
This unit is inspected/maintained semi-annually for corrosion, alignment,

and electrical integrity.


A CISCO manufactured Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) is used

to monitor and report stack emissions.
Stack emissions limits are:

Opacity- Not to exceed 20% for a period or periods aggregating 3 minutes
in one hour

Particulate Matter- 9.96 lbs/hr for a 3/hr ave., 43.6 tons/year,
0.015 gr/dry cu.ft. @ 12% CO2.

Nitrogen Oxides- Basic rate: 50.75 lbs/hr for 8hrs at 88,597 dscfm
exhaust gas flow.

Transient rate: 65 lbs/hr for 8hrs(100 hrs/yr max.), 102.4ppm

@ 12% CO2 at 88,597 dscfm exhaust gas flow (100 hrs/yr max.)

Annual rate: 222.6 tons/yr

Volatile Organic Compounds- 10.5 lbs/hr for 3 hrs, 29.4 tons/yr

Carbon Monoxide- Basic rate: 550 lbs/hr for 8 hrs, 1443 ppm @ 12% CO2
for 8 hrs at 88,597 dscfm exhaust gas flow

Transient rate: 772.42 lbs/hr for 8 hrs, 1998 ppm @ 12% CO2
for 8 hrs up to 100 hrs/yr

Annual rate: 2420.1 tons/yr

A Rosemount Analytical Monitor for opacity supplies this stack information

to the CEMS. A Bailey Controller also utilizes information from this system

continuously to automatically adjust fuel/air ratios for optimum combustion

and to inject anhydrous ammonia as needed to control Nitrogen Oxides. Steam

production rates and stack volumetric rates are included parameters to the

CEMS data logger system.
The gas analyzer unit and opacity monitor automatically calibrate every 24

hours and must meet a specific percentage of drift for zero and span. A

monthly maintenance schedule list series is followed and a cylinder gas audit

is performed on a quarterly basis. A RATA test is performed annually on the

stack and results are correlated with the onsite CEMS.

Belyea Co Inc
2200 Northwood Ave Easton PA 18045-2239
Tel: 610-515-8775 Fax: 610-258-1230
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